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We designed Jikko to simplify and optimize the work of the organizers. Do you know the racing profile of your participants? We believe that a judicious demographic analysis of your participants' data will give you an advantage. After all, this data belongs to you, benefit from the analyzes of our experts, at no cost.

Online registration with Jikko MEANS:



The best visibility for your event, 3x more than other registration sites!


More than 1.5 million visits last year thanks to the double traffic generated by online registration and results.


Passionate team

A passionate team motivated by the success of your event.


7 days support

7 days support on a toll free number in Canada (1-888). We are here!

Personalized web page

A web page according to the theme of your event.


Easy money transfers

Fund transfers directly deposited into the account of your organization at the frequency that suits you.




Free bibs* for your race!

No dead links

No dead links on the home page: the races presented give access to the registration or the results.


Fund raising

A fundraising module for all your participants.



Personalized newsletters

Newsletters for your participants according to your requirements.

Custom fields

Custom fields that meet your needs (t-shirts, meals, accessories, etc.).


No long term contract

No contract, no tether! With Jikko, you have all the freedom.



Ergonomic registration platform

An ergonomic and fast registration platform designed by local designers and developers and designed for participants.

Getting your web page up and running quickly

Your registration web page is put online quickly, 24 hours guaranteed!


Data analysis

An analysis of your data by qualified people (baccalaureate analysts).



Bilingual site

Your event broadcast in 2 languages.





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* Black and white bibs, front, 300 inscriptions minimum

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