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Our commitment: simple and efficient communications and services that are adapted to your event and delivered on time.


Jikko provides an online registration system where runners can register for your race. With our multiple registration option, they can also register their whole family. Can’t make it? No problem. You can transfer your bib to someone else (some conditions apply).



Every event that uses our services has a dedicated page on our website. If you don’t have one, this page can serve as your main website. To give it your event’s look and feel, our design team can:

  • Customize the banner image
  • Add sponsor logos
  • Display a course map
  • Include event descriptions, etc.

The more information you provide us, the more we can populate your page.


Our team will design your event bibs for you. Our bibs are rip-proof, feature your event and sponsor logos, and are delivered ready-for-use with our integrated time chips, all at no extra cost. Looking for an extra touch? We can also create a special bib based on your event’s brand identity and the format that best meets your needs – or your creative whims!

Through our online registration system, we have access to the list of participants, so we can already assign them their number and even print their name on the bib.



Our team of professionals is on-site at your race. This way, we can ensure that the timing is adapted to your race and that results are managed efficiently.

  • Quick on-site printing
  • Data transferred online upon race completion
  • Official results posted live on our website

This service, combined with the others, enables you to store all results online, allowing athletes to track their progress from kilometre to kilometre, race to race, and year to year.


Are you a first-time host? Our team can support you. On top of answering many of your questions, we can help you:

  • Secure sponsors
  • Coordinate logistics: start times, permits, medal ceremonies
  • Suggest original ideas to give your event a professional feel

We work with you, for you. We are your partner.



RFID technology

RFID technology has existed for over half a century. It “uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects”. (Source: Wikipedia).

In the 90s, Texas Instruments started using RFID technology to time races. Since then, the practice has spread and several companies have developed their own ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID system for endurance events.

The technology is evolving very rapidly, with an increasing level of performance and decreasing cost. Jikko is always on the lookout for innovation, so we can provide you with the best solution.


The Jikko difference

At Jikko, we don’t have any contracts with RIFD system providers.

Why not?

Because we want to provide you with the best solution at the lowest possible cost and keep refining our technology. Our promise: to always provide you with full results and to continually improve our system to do so.

The accuracy and reliability of Jikko’s chip technology is unmatched by other systems used by our competitors. We work with the latest technology at a very competitive priceline.

We are continually developing Jikko to deliver accurate results to you and the athletes.

Active or passive chips, antennas or timing mats, real-time LTE controllers, videos segmented by participant, live split and results display at the finish: that’s the future of timing.

That's Jikko!


We are athletes, organizers, club leaders, engineers and computer technicians who love what they do. Jikko’s strength is the product of our expertise and our passion for timing and for racing. We created Jikko to innovate and to provide endurance event organizers with a simplified solution.

We are:

Steve SinkiSteve Sinki

Steve Sinki, Engineer, MBA, IM

Steve is the founder of Jikko. A passionate marathon and Ironman racer, he had a vision to provide race timing services unlike anything currently offered, whether in Quebec or elsewhere: simple, efficient, cost-effective and designed by an athlete for athletes.

Steve is a Six Sigma Black Belt certified, engineering and MBA graduate with 15 years of experience as an improvement specialist. His work in logistics, distribution and aircraft maintenance have helped organizations become more effective. His background has provided him with a strong foundation in continuous improvement, management and quality.

Contact Steve Sinki

Lily RoyLily Roy

Lily Roy, Engineer

Jikko’s cofounder, Lily is passionate about sports and healthy living. Each year, she participates in various cycling and running events to raise funds for causes close to her heart: Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, Leucan, Breast Cancer.

A bilingual, dynamic industrial engineer, Lily is recognized for her organizational skills and her thoroughness. Determined and results-oriented, she lives to take on professional and physical challenges. Her experience over the last 14 years includes:

  • Project management in logistics and distribution
  • Supply chain process improvement
  • Strategic investment planning for major projects

Contact Lily Roy

Janie CloutierJanie Cloutier

Janie Cloutier, Event organizer

Running has been a part of Janie Cloutier’s life since childhood. On top of knowing several race directors and event organizers, she was herself an organizer of several sporting events, including the Tour du Lac Brome, which attracted over 4,500 runners in 2013.

Janie is someone who is extremely thorough and loves a job well done. Because of this, she has a positive impact on everything she gets involved with. She is dynamic, has excellent communication skills and a knowledge of the field that Jikko clients can rely on with confidence.

Contact Janie Cloutier

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