• For a full range of services: online registration, timing, bibs (to do business with fewer suppliers).
  • Jikko is a 100% Quebec company, which develops all of its solutions in Quebec.
  • Jikko has an excellent reputation.
  • You will never be attached to a long-term contract whose legitimacy is questionable. However, you will always have the best price and will be free at all times!
  • You benefit from the lowest costs thanks to our independence of systems like MyLaps, Jaguar or Ipico. We do not have a contract with suppliers of RFID systems.
  • You do business with professionals. Our technicians receive full training, and our engineers are members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ).

Do you want to get out of your 3-year “agreement” with your current supplier? Contact us and we will explain to you how our current customers did it, without penalties, and why they would not return to their former suppliers!



Jikko has a brand new online registration platform where the options are improved:

Fundraising service for your fundraising campaigns.


At each event, a team of professionals travels to the race site. Thus, Jikko ensures timing adapted to your race, and effective results management.

Timing technology and live results.

Fast printing on site.

Without forgetting that a video will be captured when your participants arrive!

This service, added to the others, offers you the opportunity to keep all the results online. These statistics will undoubtedly attract athletes who are happy to see their performance improved, from kilometer to kilometer, from race to race and from year to year!



Personalized bibs specially for your event: in the colors and format that suits you, with your logo and those of your sponsors!

They are tear-proof. Our team adds electronic chips.

With the online registration service, we can even write the name of the athlete on the bib.


Why Jikko mats and antennas give the most reliable and best reading rates on the market

  • The density of the antennas in the mats is much higher: 8 antennas per 4.8 m (or one every 60 cm).
  • The distance between the antenna (mat) and the chip is a minimum, about 3 ft.
  • The fastest system to mount, because it unfolds like an accordion (in about 10 sec.).
  • The use of side antennas is optional.
  • The greatest width for an event without clutter! Up to 16 m of finish line.
  • We do not offer only one solution: our engineers will ensure the best technological assembly (mats, antennas and type of chip) for your event!

Why aerial antenna systems tend to disappear

  • The antenna density is much lower.
  • This “house” assembly is mainly used to reduce costs (10 x less expensive than mats).
  • The antenna is farther from the chip, more than 6 ft.
  • Companies that traditionally offered aerial antenna solutions now offer mats! Are they for or against mats?
  • Metal structures with antennas and wiring are unattractive. The participants are so proud of their accomplishment ... Why spoil the photo portrait of a finish line with a structure in the background?
  • Bulky and long to assemble, up to 10 x longer. The aerial antenna systems are not easy to move, which takes away flexibility from your event (emergency vehicle passage, change of route, etc.).
  • The possibilities of width of start or finish lines are limited by the width of the structure.
  • Fragile and sensitive in the presence of strong winds.

The Ipico Mattress System

The Ipico company did not go bankrupt for nothing in 2011:

  • The mattresses curl at the ends and are bulky for runners;
  • The system they patented has not proven to be effective;
  • Note: events with Ipico equipment use a large amount of mattresses on the finish line to compensate for the lack of readings.

Options, do you want them?


We are athletes, organizers, club leaders, engineers, computer scientists all passionate about our fields. Jikko's strength is the product of our expertise and our love of the profession and racing. And we created it in order to innovate and simplify the service offer for the organization of endurance events.

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